Thursday, May 10, 2018

Is she really going to HS next year?

Lex with the KILL
How did this happen? When did she turn 14? Was I really at the HS on Monday with her trying on volleyball equipment?
Her time at SJS is over and I personally am SO ready to move on from that place. She has been there since she was 3 years old! Time to go.
My heart is a little sad because we are getting closer and closer to the time where she will NOT live with us any more. I can't even think about that right now.
I am doing my best to prepare her for the next stage and it is not easy. She's ready though. I can't wait to see her shine!

New Job, New Challenges and Taking Risks

I tell my husband this all the time and I never seem to grasp it for myself:

"If I had to bet on anyone I would be on you. Bet on yourself, babe. You are a rock star and you can't lose!"

It is hard for me to take that to heart. I guess no one sees themselves the way others see them. That is so true for me, good and bad. I have blind spots, as we all do. But taking a risk and betting on yourself is one that I have never done. Most of  my choices in my career have been safe. I was recruited to go to my last job.

This one is about me and it is not easy. When you have a wide breadth, sometimes things can go sideways. As a woman leader, we are often afraid to make a mistake because the ramifications can be greater than for a man in the same position. The key is to making educated and strategic choices when you choose to move. If it is a mistake, it clearly will be a huge learning experience for everyone involved. If you move just to move, bad things can happen.

I am moving, albeit in a different direction. It is scary! It is out of my comfort zone. I choose to bet on ME!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Father Time Stops for No One

My first pair of readers...
I need a haircut. UGH!
The one thing I will say is that I have never worn readers before so I went for the 1.25 version. I didn't know there was a 1.00 version that enhanced screens and reading abilities. I ordered those. The 1.25's hurt my eyes a little because they are a little too strong. I found these at Anthropologie and yes, the price ends in an 8. All their stuff ends in an 8!!!

One of my co-workers was stranded at Sprouts today. I had forgotten all about that place! I went to their website and they have all kinds of cool stuff for healthy eating. I told my husband about it (I was kind of excited to find it) and he only said "Cool". :|
I texted my friend Nik about it (who is in Tennessee to watch the eclipse) and she loved the ideas...except that we are schedule to get together this weekend and have cocktails and unhealthy food! OK...Next week.

Father Time has not been kind to my tummy. It is time to buckle down and do this for real. I am tired of seeing people thinner than me (that I hate) and my clothes not fitting the way they are supposed to. This getting old crap sucks...but it is not for sissies!

We can do it!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Accidental time off

I took 2 weeks off from the gym. Lots of reasons. One was my husband was traveling for most of the week and that week turned out to be a week from hell.

The other was spring break but that is not a big excuse either.

My grandmother passed away while my husband was traveling.

It was complicated and I had no idea the emotional outbursts I would have until AFTER they would happen. I was yelling at anyone in my view, even a kid who I thought stole a dollar from my son (not my finest moment). I knew she was sick and I was prepared for the day that she would go but are you ever REALLY prepared? I thought that meant that if I was prepared, I would not cry. I would be relieved she wasn't suffering any more.

She had advanced Alzheimer's.

Junior High NHS ceremony. I look awkward, She looks so pulled together
Instead, I found myself crying in the middle of the night when I heard the news. I cried more than I thought I would. I wanted to be strong and hold it together but a lifetime of memories filled my heart and there was nothing I could do. 

She died on a Friday. Thursday afternoon, as I did my weekly hustle to get my kids to all their commitments, I prayed for her to be at peace. I assured God all was forgiven, and it was time for her to go home. 

I proceeded to eat my feelings! I ate CHOCOLATE. I don't even really like chocolate that much. But there I was, stuffing my face with chocolate marshmallow candy and chocolate covered Hostess donuts. HA! I told my mom to throw them away and instead, my dad "hid" them in their pantry. I found them easily and ate 3 more. :\
Needless to say, I need to get back at it at the gym. Enough rest. Time to go hard.

Praying for your soul grandma. Always!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Workout tights I love

I have 2 favorites in my drawer now.

These are my all time faves. Nike Epic Lux Crop running capris. Great for leg day. I do also love this Under Armour fitted shirt.  This was me after leg day. Make-up was jacked up and I almost puked that day. HA! They are comfortable and move easy for jumping, squatting and lunging. They didn't fall or show my crack at all, which is a plus. It is hard to see in this pic but they are deep red and black. TA bought them for me last year. Not sure if they are available but they are available here.
Word of advise...

I had skipped leg day a week and went HAM at the gym this day. I couldn't walk for 2 days. I should have eased back in but I had so much energy that day. I thought about scaling back but I didn't. Much better today but I suffered all weekend. yuk.

These are Reebok tights that I also love. You can find these  here. I am very in to full length tights right now. These tights also did not slide and let me move on this beast, Jacob's Ladder. I did a back workout and then that thing and these tights, along with the Athleta tank.

Bodypump 100 was so awesome! Here is Monica and I after launch.

Reebok tank, Athleta capris. I was not a huge fan of the tank but I love my capris!!

I have lots of work outfits to post. I will soon.

More to come. I have not stopped shopping since Christmas. I need to stop. :/

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Everything is SORE!

My brother's wedding was last weekend. It was great! I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did but I don't know what I was thinking. Mix booze with my family and the fun never ends...until the next morning. I was paying the price with an epic hangover! I had to drive home too. I don't now how I made it. I am just feeling better today!
Me and my brother. I basically walked around with booze in my hand all night.

Needless to say, I didn't have time for my workout on Saturday. It was a plyo challenge and I was really looking forward to it. I had a hair appointment in Corpus Christi at 9 am, which means I had to leave my hotel by 8:15 am, which means I had to shower at 7. I am not a morning person. I do not do morning workouts. You can't make me! When I used to sub for 9 am pump, I hated every minute. I know that is not very early, but it felt like that to me.

This week, my coaches have turned up the dial on our workouts. Not only are we required to do the WOD, we have to add 30 minutes of cardio. The cardio has to have our HR up to about 130, which means the elliptical machine at work won't cut it. Twice a week, they are incorporating HIIT. I do love HIIT workouts. Did the first one yesterday. Not too bad. I went right in to the WOD, which was back.

The HIIT workout was simple but effective. Three sets, 90 seconds long, three rounds. I did 9 total rounds of exercise for 90 seconds. The exercises were body weight based, so it was stuff like skaters, jump lunges, squat thrusts, high knees in to a side lunge and planks. We would do exercise 1 for 30 seconds, exercise 2 for 30 seconds and then exercise 1 again for 30 seconds.

Set 1:
Skaters (30 seconds)
jump lunges (30 seconds)
Skaters (30 seconds)
[90 second rest]
Set 2
Walking plank with jack (30 seconds)
squat thrusts (30 seconds)
Walking plank with jack (30 seconds)
[90 second rest]
Set 3:
Side jump with 90 degree turn (30 seconds)
8 high knees with side lunge (30 seconds)
Side jump with 90 degree turn (30 seconds)
[90 second rest]

Repeat twice - 9 sets total

I. Am. SORE! Every muscle in my upper body is hurting. The only saving grace I had were my legs, and guess what today is....LEG DAY! Can't catch a break.

I need to eat so I have energy to do this workout but I am not hungry yet. Who am I kidding...I am ALWAYS hungry. But I want a hamburger, not this turkey meat with asparagus!

I had my fun this weekend. Back to the grind!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leg Day!

I got home from work last night at almost 1 AM. I have been walking around like a zombie but today was LEG DAY! 

I caught a glimpse of the exercises on our Facebook page but I didn't pay attention to the reps.

Second to the last exercise was 2 sets of 45 degree leg press, 100 reps! That is after squats, leg curls, extensions, front squats and isolation lunges. The workout finished with 100 backward stepping lunges, 2 sets. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?

I really wanted to quit and had every excuse to since I barely slept all week (got home and my son was in my bed. didn't move him). I went to the gym. I did every rep even when I wanted to stop during that triple drop set of leg curls. :)

Love my Beetlejuice pants!
This whole outfit is from Athlete. I love these pants. 

100 reps of leg press.
I did every reps. I definitely had to stop in between to catch my breath but I kept going. I did every reps of this workout. I was so proud.

Then came dinner. I blew it. I had french fries. I know better. I know I should NOT celebrate a huge accomplishment with food. I had a few moments of weakness. I was just happy to get my work stuff complete and so happy to have pushed myself through that very difficult workout. I know what my coaches will say....30 minutes of fasted cardio tomorrow. I will do it. I deserve the punishment. HA!

Until next time, no more fries for this one!

Side note...

My daughter is playing in the City Championship Saturday at 11 am at St. Pius! I am so happy for her. This is the second year in a row her team plays for the championship. We are ALL going to miss the game! My brother's wedding is Saturday at 3 pm in Kingsville. :/
Send her some good vibes and prayers! I will be there for you in spirit Biggs. Love you so much!