Sunday, July 26, 2015


Torrey and I were able to take the family to Hawaii today, including my mom and dad. It was a great thing for us to be able to do for my parents. On the trip, they kept saying they thought traveling to Hawaii would be a dream they would never get to do. That made me so happy. They are there for Torrey and I all the time. Anytime we needed some help early in our marriage, they were there to help us.

We have travelled with my parents before and each time, there is something unusual that happens. This time was no exception. We were in the ER Friday before we left. J broke his arm. Luckily, the ER had waterproof splints. It worked out very well. Three days in to the trip, he caught a fever and a cold. He was a trooper though.
On the balcony of our resort as soon as we checked in
We had to cancel our zip lining tour. No way J could hang on with a broke arm. He hurt it twice while we were there. Once he slipped at the resort and tried to catch himself. The other was jumping off the side of the boat we were on while we were snorkeling. His orthopedic doc asked us NOT to let him swim any more. OOPS! He did all the activities we planned during the day but by the end of the day, he just wanted to rest. I missed the luau but that's ok. That's what moms do. Happy to do that for my boy and everyone else.

Checking in to the beautiful resort with mom and dad

Three generations in Maui

The guys hangin loose

On a mission to give mommy a heart attack
I had more pictures but I am having trouble downloading them now.

All in all, great trip. Thanks to my travel agent for recommending this place, considering the size of our group and age difference. There is no other place I would have stayed. Thanks to Yvette for the setting it all up for us. If you want to travel and don't know where to stay or get the best, let me know. I will put you in touch with her. She is great.

I worked a little while I was there. I wanted to. I am really enjoying my job now. 

Wonderful trip. THE BEST SPA EVER! I came back with no knots in my neck. Great to give this gift to my parents and memories for my kids. The first few days were a tough time adjustment but all worth it.

We came back just in time to watch Sharknado 3!!!