Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leg Day!

I got home from work last night at almost 1 AM. I have been walking around like a zombie but today was LEG DAY! 

I caught a glimpse of the exercises on our Facebook page but I didn't pay attention to the reps.

Second to the last exercise was 2 sets of 45 degree leg press, 100 reps! That is after squats, leg curls, extensions, front squats and isolation lunges. The workout finished with 100 backward stepping lunges, 2 sets. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?

I really wanted to quit and had every excuse to since I barely slept all week (got home and my son was in my bed. didn't move him). I went to the gym. I did every rep even when I wanted to stop during that triple drop set of leg curls. :)

Love my Beetlejuice pants!
This whole outfit is from Athlete. I love these pants. 

100 reps of leg press.
I did every reps. I definitely had to stop in between to catch my breath but I kept going. I did every reps of this workout. I was so proud.

Then came dinner. I blew it. I had french fries. I know better. I know I should NOT celebrate a huge accomplishment with food. I had a few moments of weakness. I was just happy to get my work stuff complete and so happy to have pushed myself through that very difficult workout. I know what my coaches will say....30 minutes of fasted cardio tomorrow. I will do it. I deserve the punishment. HA!

Until next time, no more fries for this one!

Side note...

My daughter is playing in the City Championship Saturday at 11 am at St. Pius! I am so happy for her. This is the second year in a row her team plays for the championship. We are ALL going to miss the game! My brother's wedding is Saturday at 3 pm in Kingsville. :/
Send her some good vibes and prayers! I will be there for you in spirit Biggs. Love you so much!

90 Day Challenge

On October 3rd, I started a 90 day challenge. It is focused around building a better physical "you" and it includes nutrition and exercise. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

I found this through Instagram. As a Bodypump instructor, I am a "fan" of several master presenters. One of them is Jeremiah Evans. I have been following him since I saw him present on both Grit and Bodypump master class videos. I noticed a while back that he had a workout partner...a woman...and I loved her legs!! Their workouts were intense and I wanted a part of that. They advertised that they were starting a winter challenge and I decided to take the leap.

I taught my last class in August and I was anxious to use that time I had to make a better "me". I was really tired of not looking and feeling my best.

I want to put myself out there but I am so anxious and nervous to do so. I have been committed to this challenge so I expect the results to show that. I am going to reluctantly post my "before" pics. UGH! I took them the night before I started the challenge.

October 2nd. 

Husband taking these so bad angle

Hard to see but back of my legs need work!
I really hate these picture. It is a good reminder of all the work I have to do.

One week in, I took this picture. I could see progress already!
Finally some definition
Have I slipped...yes! It does not help that this has been the month from hell at work. That is over, and I can refocus in November. My diet is ALL OVER THE PLACE but I am doing my best. This means I am not eating enough. I am trying, but I am not doing my best. I need plan better.

My brother's wedding is this weekend and there will be many temptations but I am not worried about that. I did slip today. I was tired. I had french fries and dinner. :( I am upset about it but I was in "I give up" mode. I will bounce tomorrow and be better.

I plan to update my progress as I go and then my readers (if I have any) can try it out for themselves. I really like the group of participants. They are from all over the country and a few from other countries. They are inspiring and I am desperately just trying to keep up!!

My leg workout on the next post...