Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick workout when you are in a time crunch

I saw this workout online and I tried it tonight.

10 minute fix

I actually did 12 minutes, 5 minutes of core, and 3 minutes of stretching. Instead of chest press, I did 15 push-ups. I only had an 8 lb weight at the time and it worked ok. I would rather have used 15 or 20. I got through 4 rounds. I was not rushing. I did not take any breaks. I controlled the weight and didn't throw it.

Try it and let me know what you think. Perfect for a quick lunch workout or when you are in a rush at home. I did it because I ate a big sandwich today. :/

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I injured my back 8 days ago.

It is an old injury I sustained long ago in a car accident. I was feeling really good about myself and I went up in weight on my back exercises. I also increased squats and I wasn't struggling to do the weight. I was on a super high! Then I put the bar down awkwardly and BAM! My back started to tighten up immediately. I haven't been able to sleep. It hurts to drive. 

I did teach Monday and Friday. Big mistakes. I was worse on Tuesday and Saturday. Today is Sunday and I woke up feeling ok. I reached for something early in the morning and that was it. PAIN! 

I am so frustrated. This is going to set my fitness back again to a point I was at a month ago. PISSED! I am praying for patience and trying to slow down. I don't know what to do. I want to do something in the gym now. I know I can't, but I want to. It is depressing. 

To keep perspective, one of the other instructors at my gym had surgery this week to get a pin placed in her hip. She is 29. She won't be in the gym for a while and she lived in the gym! She has it worse than I do so I will stop complaining right now and just deal. It will heal. I'll be back. I will push beyond my limits day. :)

The Benefits of HIIT

I have been saying this for years!

If you want to change your body, you have to put pressure on your muscles and tendons. Weights! Weights! Weights!

Now, I can officially say that incorporating HIIT in to your workout will give you quicker results. I am seeing toning in my legs and arms faster than ever by adding HIIT twice a week to my workouts. Of course, you can't eat bad and expect to burn it all off in the gym and you will never be able to work off a bad diet, so that is key. I am not a nutritionist, but there are easy ways to find good alternatives to your fave foods online. As I tell my classes, you get fit in the gym, you lose weight in the kitchen.

Take a look at this article for tips on food and why adding HIIT will help you reach your goals. I disagree that running with make you fat, but running alone won’t help you lose weight fast if that is your goal. I do know some avid runners that are not gaining weight. They are also cross training and eat clean. They love to run, but they know the benefits of confusing your body. Running won't make you fat! But cardio only won't help you get to your goals faster if you goal is weight loss. If you goal is completing a marathon, different story!

Please let me know your thoughts or comments on the article. Knowledge is power.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Make your free throws

My Spurs lost. :(

Now I am full on cheering for the Rockets. My whole family is cheering for the Rockets so this is nice! The Clippers won game 1. Boo! Series is tied now.

Most people say that if the Clippers get in trouble, they will hack D12 as a strategy to get back in the game. I keep hearing people whining about this and asking this be against the rules. Why?? They want to stop fouls away from the ball so the professional basketball players don't have to practice free throws? Make your free throws and this stops! It is so simple. This is their job. They have been shooting free throws since they were 8. It is a charity shot. Free points while the clock stops. Practice them. Make them in the game. The other team will stop fouling you away from the ball. 

Everyone else, stop whining about this!

Go Rockets!!!

Harden is the real MVP.

The end. 

That mom in Baltimore that hit her kid

I'm sad about that whole situation. I am mad about what happened to Freddy. I am mad that these types of thing keep happening to the youth of the country. But now I am upset and scratching my head at all the people that are applauding this woman that, out of frustration, dragged her son from the protests and hit him over the head. I get where she was coming from. She was scared to death that she would not see her son again, with great reason. I know she was most likely thinking that she would rather embarrass him and beat him before the streets killed him. I get it. That was something that should have been done in private. That was their private moment to discuss and for her to let out her feelings to him. IN PRIVATE.

Several other things make me pause about the situation.

Most of the people applauding her are doing it for the wrong reasons. They are saying "Hey! She gets it! More of these parents need to be present in their kids' lives and discipline them to keep them off the streets!" Perhaps. What I saw was a private moment now exploited by most. I am not one for embarrassing my kids in public. I hated it when it happened to me. I won't do it to them. I was thinking about some of the times I was embarrassed in public and how today I completely disagree with the reasons my parents did it. Now, as a parent, I can see how easy it is to lose your cool and go off! I have felt fear turn to rage inside me when one of my kids did something dangerous or they were in danger. Controlling your emotions in that situation is very tough but you have to do it. You have to. I pray for patience and clarity all the time because I know there are times I feel lost as a mom. Feeling lost turns to anger or frustration. I can't let it control me. I try every day to do better than the last. For their sake, I have to do better. We've got to be better than that. We have to!

The first thing I thought when I saw the footage mentioned above was "Now America is seeing that the only way to control a young black man is with violence." This whole scene felt like justification for the actions of the police. The thought makes me sick to my stomach. SICK. I have a son. He is half black. He is half Mexican American. I would HATE the thought of someone thinking the only way to control him is with violence. Teaching someone that violence is wrong with violence doesn't make the point in the long run. It does strike fear. But once the fear subsides, the lesson is lost and the memory of violence remains. I worry about when he gets his first speeding tickets. I worry about his smart mouth and short temper. I worry that he won't be seen as an equal because of his ethnicity. That will most likely happen. I see it now and he is only in second grade. I worry about so many things for him. Things like the situation in Baltimore don't put my mind at ease.

I am not generalizing. I am not about the hate. I am one of the most positive people around. I am not obsessing about this. My wish and prayer is that all of us do better. Everyone wants change. I know I do. But do those same people WANT to change? I do. I want to do better and set that example for may family.