Thursday, May 7, 2015

Make your free throws

My Spurs lost. :(

Now I am full on cheering for the Rockets. My whole family is cheering for the Rockets so this is nice! The Clippers won game 1. Boo! Series is tied now.

Most people say that if the Clippers get in trouble, they will hack D12 as a strategy to get back in the game. I keep hearing people whining about this and asking this be against the rules. Why?? They want to stop fouls away from the ball so the professional basketball players don't have to practice free throws? Make your free throws and this stops! It is so simple. This is their job. They have been shooting free throws since they were 8. It is a charity shot. Free points while the clock stops. Practice them. Make them in the game. The other team will stop fouling you away from the ball. 

Everyone else, stop whining about this!

Go Rockets!!!

Harden is the real MVP.

The end. 

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