Saturday, November 21, 2015

It happened

I know. I have been gone for a while. Not that you all noticed. :)

Before I begin to explain my absence, I have to talk about my baby girl. Remember THIS post? Well, I got a call from the school nurse Monday at about 10:30 am. Nurse said my baby girls was in her office with menstrual cramps. Impossible, I told her. She has not started her period. Nurse put Biggs on the phone. She says she THINKS she started. UGH! No one there could give her any meds for her cramps (against school policy). She had to suffer all day with on and off cramps. Poor thing. She asked the nurse for some "supplies" and I said we would discuss when she we got home. This was a Monday, which is usually a very busy day at work AND I teach Bodypump on Monday nights.

I tried to leave work. No dice. My schedule has been insane at work. I work every night after I get home and do whatever it is I need to do that night. Biggs took the whole thing in stride. I asked her if she was prepared at school. She said she wrapped toilet paper and put it in her underwear (told her to do that). Asked her if she was ok or worried. She wasn't. This was a well covered subject between us. We have talked about this for a while.

I sent a text to TA and my mom. TA asked if there was anything he needed to do when he picked her up. I told him he didn't need to do anything and that I would take her to the store to get supplies after I got home. My mom was worried for some reason. She wanted someone to go to the school to check her. HA! No!! I am not driving to the school to embarrass her even more. And check what?? No one checked me and I was fine. I got my first period in 7th grade. I was a latchkey kid. I had been since I was in third grade. I called my mom at work to tell her I thought I started my period and she laughed. Well, first she screamed "WHAT?!", and then she laughed. I became so embarrassed and unwilling to talk to her about this AT ALL. Not a good way to instill trust.

When I got home, I talked to Alexis. I told her I didn't know what to say, congrats or I'm sorry. I told her this was a big step in her development and that I would always be there to help her with whatever she needs. We went shopping. While we were shopping, she spilled her guts to me. About everything! Any slight piece of drama happening at the school, I heard about it. Anyone giving her shit, I heard about it. I heard her opinions on everyone. It was so great! I loved it. I don't know when I will get that chance again, but I can't wait. I am SO GLAD she trusts me enough to tell me all this stuff. She even called me yesterday to tell me that her crush called her. She talks about him to me a lot. I worry, all the time, that I will do something to something to break this trust unintentionally. The best I can do is just keep being honest with her and constantly showing her she can trust me.

So maybe this was a good thing. A great thing. Hopefully during the next milestones of her life, she will share them with me. Her first kiss. First love. All of it. She is growing up so fast. I hate it. But I love the young lady she is becoming.

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