Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Workout tights I love

I have 2 favorites in my drawer now.

These are my all time faves. Nike Epic Lux Crop running capris. Great for leg day. I do also love this Under Armour fitted shirt.  This was me after leg day. Make-up was jacked up and I almost puked that day. HA! They are comfortable and move easy for jumping, squatting and lunging. They didn't fall or show my crack at all, which is a plus. It is hard to see in this pic but they are deep red and black. TA bought them for me last year. Not sure if they are available but they are available here.
Word of advise...

I had skipped leg day a week and went HAM at the gym this day. I couldn't walk for 2 days. I should have eased back in but I had so much energy that day. I thought about scaling back but I didn't. Much better today but I suffered all weekend. yuk.

These are Reebok tights that I also love. You can find these  here. I am very in to full length tights right now. These tights also did not slide and let me move on this beast, Jacob's Ladder. I did a back workout and then that thing and these tights, along with the Athleta tank.

Bodypump 100 was so awesome! Here is Monica and I after launch.

Reebok tank, Athleta capris. I was not a huge fan of the tank but I love my capris!!

I have lots of work outfits to post. I will soon.

More to come. I have not stopped shopping since Christmas. I need to stop. :/

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