Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Job, New Challenges and Taking Risks

I tell my husband this all the time and I never seem to grasp it for myself:

"If I had to bet on anyone I would be on you. Bet on yourself, babe. You are a rock star and you can't lose!"

It is hard for me to take that to heart. I guess no one sees themselves the way others see them. That is so true for me, good and bad. I have blind spots, as we all do. But taking a risk and betting on yourself is one that I have never done. Most of  my choices in my career have been safe. I was recruited to go to my last job.

This one is about me and it is not easy. When you have a wide breadth, sometimes things can go sideways. As a woman leader, we are often afraid to make a mistake because the ramifications can be greater than for a man in the same position. The key is to making educated and strategic choices when you choose to move. If it is a mistake, it clearly will be a huge learning experience for everyone involved. If you move just to move, bad things can happen.

I am moving, albeit in a different direction. It is scary! It is out of my comfort zone. I choose to bet on ME!

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