Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Birthday to my sweet tiny tiny baby

He's 8. Can't believe it. How did this happen? It was yesterday that I could hold him in my hand. Now he is up to my nose and I can BARELY carry him. Yes, I carry him. I try to carry him. He is long and heavy but that's why I do squats and dead lifts. :)

iFly Houston. Look at the wind blown smile on that face!
I call him my "tiny tiny baby". TA stopped correcting me. He will always be the tiny tiny baby to me. I thought when I was pregnant with him that there was no way that I would love him as much as I loved Alexis. Impossible, I thought. I had no idea I had this much love in my heart. Both my kids have taught me this lesson. I have lots of love in my heart...more than enough for the both of them. They have taught me patience when I didn't think that was possible either. My instinct used to be anger and yelling. It does not work with either. I give Alexis the "I'm disappointed" speech and she's in tears. With J, I have to get to the bottom of why he did what he did. This is not easy. It takes a while and boy, does it take patience. Once I do, things get better and he is able to learn.

Our families don't understand that. They are old school. Yelling and the belt. That is where they go. I'm tired of yelling. Do I still yell...yes. Have I stopped yelling as much...yes. We have both come a long way as parents. I can't tell you how proud I am of my husband and the father he has grown in to. I told him that God took my competitiveness and TA's competitiveness and he doubled down on J. God did this because he knew we would understand it and help him.

Bottom line, we have taken responsibility for their growth and we will NEVER give up on them. How could you give up on that sweet face? God has a great plan for you, my son. I can see it. Daddy can see it. We are going to help you get there. I pray that my grandfather, my father and TA's grandmother look down on you with great pride. I wish they could have met you now, but you will one day. For now, we get to enjoy you and you are such a joy in our lives. You crack all of us up every day. Thank you for that!!!

I love you TJA! May God watch over you always.

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