Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Feeling better and attacking

My back feels much better. I pushed a little at the gym today and I think I won't regret it. I didn't push as much as I could have, but I did push a little more than I thought I would. While I was doing my shoulder exercises, I was trying to focus on something other than fatigue. I zoned in on work and how I might attack the next challenge that faces me.

I have a delicate situation at work. I have to get involved in an account, but not really. It is very hard to explain. Friday, I told my boss that he needs to make a formal statement on the status of this very high profile account. He agreed, but asked that I craft a draft for him. UGH! I am in the process of typing the first draft and I am sure it will go through many revisions.

One of the biggest challenges I have will be managing the people that have been on this account for a long time. They are going to remain there, but I am somehow going to be governing this account from behind the scenes. I don't think two of the guys will like that. Yes. I forgot to mention that all the people on this account are male. Not one female. The irony of this whole thing is that one of the guys I will now manage was a guy that showed me the ropes at work when I first got to this company. I do have the feeling that he will attempt to take advantage of me in different ways. It is always awkward. They completely ignore me when I am in meetings with them. I know I will have to start asserting myself at some point but I have this huge learning curve to go through. This is a big all around challenge and I have to focus on how I am going to attack. While it may seem easy to start on the people part, I need to look at the big picture. A strategy needs to be either formed or carried over. All we are doing is firefighting now. We can't live like that any more. I made my way in to an issue today. While I spent the day trying to gather info and really figure out WTH was going on, I got a message from my boss asking me the same question. I had an answer. I gave it to him and the team and he said "You have this under control. Just keep me informed." UGH! I really don't! I am glad he thinks I do but now I really have to get things under control.

While I was shoulder pressing, I could not help but smile about the challenges ahead of me. I smiled because I live for this shit. I live for the pressure and the chance to elevate myself. I can't be scared to fail. If that happens, I will be paralyzed. I don't have time for that. I must move, even if I misstep. Men are often allowed to make many mistakes. Women don't have that luxury but I think I am in an unusual situation. I may be allowed to stumble. I am looking forward to the chance to fall on my face, dust myself off, then attack again.

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