Tuesday, February 24, 2015


TA bought me some new tights for the gym. Actually, he said he and the kids picked them out. They are pretty loud but I am obsessed with them! I couldn’t wait to wear them and was saving them at the same time. He actually bought a complete outfit.

Complete outfit

Bodypump attire. Love these things!

TA bought medium and even though I thought they were a little loose in some places, I would not buy small. They would have been too short. You can find these here. I really like the sonar capris. I may have to get more. Maybe I will try on the smalls. Did I mention the weight loss challenge? Forget that! I will be at Lost Pines for spring break! Mama wants to look...decent....in her swimwear.

I recently tried Fabletics. Not bad. I really liked the capri tights. They spaghetti stringy top was only OK.

The Oscars. I was obsessed with Rosamund Pike. She looked amazing! I have to admit JLo looked fab too. The tan she purchased matched perfectly with the dress she wore.

Anyway, got try on these tights and let me know if you like them as much as I do. I may never shop at Lulu again!

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