Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Work and Fitness

Last week, my company had a conference out of town that I attended. It is a customer specific conference where we have discussions and presentations all day. It is amazing how we get all these very smart and impressive people all in one room all at once.
So many smart people in the same room

Great subjects. Great energy and great passion around all the subject matters. One of the things I stress about at these conferences is my eating. It is not always that easy to find the "healthy" alternative when the main dish on the menu is alcohol. The conference started Wednesday. I got a small workout in before I left town that morning. Wednesday night was not good. Lots of food and lots of booze. I know I don't HAVE to partake but....

Thursday morning I am feeling gross. I snuck out of one of the sessions and did GRIT Strength in a little corner in the hotel gym. I really pushed myself and I have the bruises to show for it. They didn't have a free straight bar so I had to do the clean and press with a curl bar. OUCH! My thighs! I went up in weight and I could feel it! Thirty minutes, and I was done. Ran back to my room, showered, and returned to the conference. I know I got a good one because I was sore the next day.

I am going to post a pic because I wanted to talk about my necklace. It was a little out of the box for me to wear a necklace like that. I should do that more often. Lots of people liked it. I love gold with black. I used to only do silver or black with black outfits but I am expanding. I like popping a little color with the black outfits.
Post GRIT workout...back to work

Before the evening festivities, I called home twice. The second time, I caught my husband. He sounded so tired. He was studying with the boy and the boy was struggling with his spelling words. Sounded like things were not going well so I hung up. I began to feel bad for not being there to help. I know what it is like to be there alone and studying with one of the kids and they are either not in to it or not getting it and you are dog tired. GUILT! Mommy should be there to help. Does he ever feel like this when he travels? I have no idea. I have never asked him. Maybe I should. Then again, I am working RIGHT NOW! I got out of the room and on with my night. I ran in to another mom of two that I admire that works for my company. We chatted for a while and I felt better. I had to get in work mode before I saw any of my clients so I was glad I ran in to her. We vented to each other and then got in to business mode and took off. I purposely wore tight jeans so I wouldn't over eat, even though I wanted to wear the loose skirt. NO WAY! I am on a mission. They may have been too tight so I better get my ass to the gym more often.

The evening was great. I discussed relevant business for the next 4 hours and logged in that evening to send messages to Asia on the different issues that came up. The next day was easy. Another round of great presenations and only a half day. All the clients looked very pleased with the outcome of the conference and the alignment we gained in that time. I love my job. I am glad to finally find a company to call home. My four year anniversary is coming up at this company. Feels like I have only been here a year. I am still learning every day and excited to learn. That's a good sign. I now feel like I can spread my wings and take on more of a leadership role here.

I am also exhausted but I live to fight another day! I have an extra busy weekend coming up but that deserves its own post.

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