Sunday, March 1, 2015


My first stress post. I can predict there will be more. I will number them once I get going, but, for now, I will just call this one “Stress”. Maybe I should number them so I can see how much I whine. I hate whining.

Crazy week. Everyone says that about their weeks but my head is still spinning. I took the lead on budget cuts for our department and helping my boss meet his budget goal for the year. 20% cut. Ouch! This would not be bad if I had been involved in the budget the entire year and known where the numbers came from. I don’t. I am doing a deep dive in to each category I was asked to evaluate and I have 1.5 days to do it before I leave town for a conference.

Tuesday through Thursday I will be in NOLA for a conference. This only stresses me because of my exercise program. The stress has doubled because I ran a 5k this weekend. I have not run in 8 years. I knew I was in good enough cardio and physical shape to finish and finish strong. My company put together a team of almost 30 people to run either a 10k or a 5k.
Half of our run club team

Stacy and I pre-race

I did it. I finished strong. I went WAY faster on the last mile than the other two. My goal was to pass 20 people. I passed way more than 20. One day later, I remember why I don’t run. My knee is KILLING ME. I have had trouble with my Iliotibial Band (IT band) for the last 8 years. I first noticed it after a 4 mile run 8 years ago. It has been trouble ever since. It has never hurt this bad in 8 years like it does today. It hurts to walk down the stairs. So frustrating. I have been to numerous doctors and spent so much money on trying to get this fixed just to have it ruined in 30 minutes. I am scheduled to teach Bodypump tomorrow and I am trying to figure out WTF I am going to do. Still haven’t found a sub for my Wednesday class. I will probably have to stand in front of the class on Monday with little to no weight on the bar for squats and lunges or get a sub. I hate this. I am also worried about the conference. How am I supposed to walk around for 2.5 days with pain like this. Just typing this, I know it must sound trivial to whomever is reading this but I am so upset. We all have setbacks but I am tired to this one. I just want to be able to bend my knees to pick up something without worrying if I will injure myself while I get up. This is stressing me because I want to exercise while I am in NOLA. I don’t know how I will do this. I typically work from early in the morning until very late at night at these things.

The budget. It is hanging over me like a dark cloud. Cut or cut more heads. I don’t want that. I received pretty good news on it on Friday about our progress but I still want to get it completed so I can move on with my normal job. Our performance evaluations are due tomorrow as well. I hate those things. I spend so much time writing them and then they become meaningless. 

My kids are taking their standardized tests this week. Good week for them to do this because I will be out of town. They won’t have much homework. But now I am stressed about their eating and if they will get enough sleep while I am away. I stress about my husband’s stress level while I am away. 

This is one of those time where I know I need a few days off. Typically, I would handle this stress by exercising but now that option is limited. I need a release. Maybe I will meditate. I don’t think that will work but I can give it a try. 

My health
My kids
My husband
My other job
Stress (right now)

Any suggestions that don’t cause me to empty all the liquor in the house are greatly appreciated. :)

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