Sunday, March 22, 2015


I decided last week that I was going to have “the talk” with my daughter this week about her *gulp* period. I also decided I was going to break this up. I will talk about the science and medical terminology of her cycle. She is not ready for the emotional side of it. She has no interest in boys just yet. No need to rush the “this is how you get pregnant” speech. She’s 11. She’s a young 11 that still likes to snuggle with us every night and mostly just wants to play with her brother. Not ready for that.  At least I don’t think she is.

It went well. It was fast. I showed her a video I found online and I paused it to discuss different things  about it I thought the video skimmed over too quickly. I told her this was just the start of our talks. She may not have a bunch of questions for me tonight but she can ask me questions any time about this. I will need to work up the script for the boys talk. I was given a slight glimpse of this a few days ago.

We went to Lost Pines in Bastrop this week for Spring Break. The weather wasn’t that great but it we still had fun. The girl said some boy was talking to her in the lazy river. She told us at dinner. After the story was over she said “it’s obvious he liked me.” I had to tell her that just because a boy pays you some attention, it doesn’t mean he “likes” you. It can, but mostly it doesn’t. I saw her face drop for a second, then a light bulb came on in her head as if maybe her mommy was making sense. TA didn’t like this story. He wanted to know what he looked like so he could eyeball him. HA!

I am just glad that the talk went so well. She asked me a lot of questions. Mostly logistical questions. It wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be in my head. My talk lasted a long time and came with a very weird brochure. HA! My mom is a nurse. The big questions from her was how to track your period so you don’t get surprised at school. I will have the sex talk later. I am sure most people won’t agree with my approach. That’s ok. I know my kid. She will handle this better in chapters.

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