Sunday, March 15, 2015


I was out of town last week at a conference so I am behind. I am behind on everything.

My house is a mess, at least I think so. It just feels cluttered. It is not a HUGE mess.

My kids need help in school and I have been on autopilot for a while. They were doing so well so I just let it go. They did too! HA! I feel like I took my eye off the ball for a second and now they are dropping the ball.

I feel behind at work too. While I like having these conferences, esp SSTB, I hate that I get behind. I suddenly feel the stress building up in my shoulders and it goes all the way to my heels.

At the time I started this post, I needed help with balance. I am ok today. I am caught up at work and home. I feel better. What helped me was getting my thoughts organized by putting pen to paper. I made a list each day at work of things I needed to accomplish that day. I didn’t go crazy. Just chipped away day by day. It worked. By Friday, I was jumping ahead to other things and planning for stuff way in the future.

At home, all I had to do was talk to my partner, TA, and we made a game plan for the kids that week. I also decided I would increase their chores by 1 each, just to make sure they remain focused through the end of the year. Last week was not bad. They picked up their pace and finished the week stronger than they started.

I guess the main idea here is to get organized, ask for help, and find an outlet. I did all those three things and my shoulders feel fine. HAHA!

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