Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday Workout

We are not really doing anything for Spring Break until the middle of the week. We sent the kids to the Y for Kids’ Night In. I decided I wanted to do a heavy weight workout their first hour in there.

I am FEELING it today. Since I had that “incident” with my knee, my goal has been to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings. I can tell where my weaknesses are now after that workout. I did a heavy back workout (heavy for me) and I am feeling it today! I am sore all over. I love that! I am hardly ever sore after a workout anymore. I did some extra stuff and was just about to finish with 5 minutes of core when TA told me, “They close in 15 minutes.” UGH! I still had to shower because we were going to dinner at Jonathan’s The Rub.

I hate showering at the Y. HATE. I always forget something. This time, I forgot shower shoes. Gross, I know. This is going to sound so rude but I would like SOME privacy while I shower. There are always these older women in the shower when I want to go in there and they are letting it all hang out! I am just not there yet. They just glare at me. I don’t look at them but I can FEEL them looking at me. DON’T LOOK AT ME! Maybe one day I will be showering at the Y and there will be a younger and fitter woman trying to take a shower and I will glare at her too. MAYBE! I am sure I will have to shower many more times at my YMCA but it will never be my preference...unless I can shower in the kids’ locker room...but I am not a creep!

Again, I digress...

My back workout started with heavy bar hand cleans in to a half squat. Three sets of 10. After each set, I would do 10 deadlifts. Those hurt. I wasn’t wearing gloves so when the bar got heavy, I felt like it was going to fall out of my hands. In between sets, I did 15 push-ups and 1 minute hover. That was only 1 super set.

I got to use my wireless Beats by Dre earphones again. I cannot stress how much I love those things. I can easily do burpees with them on and they never fall off. I did a total of 30 burpees (did them in between the leg press sets) with no issues.

That was MY TIME. I finally got an hour of my time in a workout. When I teach, while I LOVE it, it isn’t my time. It is my class’s time. I don’t get to zone out and focus on pushing myself during class. I  get to do that when I workout alone. I love it. TA was watching me workout and afterwards he told me, “You were getting after it!” I love that he said that. He is the KING of difficult weight workouts so to hear him give me a compliment like that made my day.

We had a great dinner with no cell phones out. He forgot his which made my day. :)

I wish the sun would stay out! I am sick of this rain and cloudiness. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate when we go to Lost Pines.

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