Saturday, April 25, 2015


I know I said I wanted to use this blog as a way to vent. Now I have shifted my focus. There are several things I want to do with this blog.

Challenges as a working mother

I was washing the dishes today when I realized it had been a while since I used a colander. That got me to thinking...when was the last time I cooked a meal for the whole family? It has been a while. I think that when school winds down, I will be able to do this at least twice a week. Right now, we typically don’t get home before 7:30 pm. It is just our lives. The kids are very active after school and I teach 2 nights a week. Next week, my daughter is performing but I have a leadership meeting at work that conflicts. I know I can get out of attending the meeting, but I also want to be at this meeting. I know I will go to the school but I want to be present to my company as a leader, which brings me to my next thought...


I have mentioned YODA a couple of times here. I want to be Yoda to my readers. I want to inspire others as well as have them learn from my experiences. I recently attended a leadership seminar where the speaker talked about “claim and grant”. I tried this during my yearly review with my boss. I told him I wanted to take on managing a large section of the business. I told him why I was the right person to do it. He nodded and said it sounded like I had thought about it and he was willing to do it. I didn’t think about this all on my own. I have been in many interviews and yearly reviews where I talked about the past and tried to explain why I was worthy. I don’t do this any more. I talk about vision, strategy and the future in these meetings now. This is a small example of what I want to pass on to anyone who decides to read this blog.

Sharing my life for real

I love my family. I love the life we continue to build together and I am so proud of them. But I want to share the “realness” of what it means to get to the top of the mountain. There are so many irritations, tough times, and sadness that have gotten us here. I am done with platitudes. I want to be real with everyone I meet and share my reasons. You might laugh, but the Bruce Jenner interview that I watched last night gave me that idea. I have lived long enough to stop hiding and start working on the person I want to be. I can’t do that without being real. I have many faults. I embrace them because they make me who I am, but I won’t let them rule my life or define me. I will find ways to overcome them or things to do for myself when I feel them coming on strong. I would like to share those struggles. 


I often get asked where I get my clothes or how I put them together. I am happy to share my thoughts on this with my readers. I still think of myself and a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but no one  I work with would EVER think that. I try to look “the part” every day and before I walk out of my room, I ask, “is this the best version of me that I want to present today?” Sometimes that sends me back to the closet! HA! I am all about looking like a leader, no matter if it is in the office or at the gym.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

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